A Toddler Activity as We Look Forward to Fall!

Contributed by Shelby Driskill

Over the last year, we’ve mentioned the wonderful Montessori Guide videos several times and now we’re happy to share another with you.

This video features bead stringing in a toddler classroom, providing viewers with a glimpse of the beautiful concentration that can lead to enormous satisfaction. One facet of bead stringing that might be overlooked is the wonderful sounds the beads make as they click together. Not only is this a tactile activity that inspires children to exercise their fine motor skills, it is a auditory one as well; the clicking of the beads against the container, and against each other, encourages children to listen closely and to understand their own ability to make and diminish sound.

Bead stringing is a peaceful and beautiful home-based summer activity, too. Parents can place a tray containing a simple bead stringing activity on an easily accessible shelf, then occasionally rotate in new beads made of different materials (wood, stone, etc.), or with different colors or textures. Of course, choose bead sizes based on the age and development of children in the house to avoid choking hazards.

Best summer wishes to you all!

tmsA Toddler Activity as We Look Forward to Fall!