Faculty & Staff

The TMS teaching faculty and administrative staff form a highly skilled, dynamic community dedicated to providing an exceptional Montessori education to our students.

As a school committed to the Montessori method, TMS places strong emphasis on rigorous teacher training and consistent mentorship.

Teachers regularly attend AMS and AMI conferences, participate in sixteen hours of continuing education per academic year, and schedule visits to emerging and established Montessori programs. Teachers are observed and advised biannually by the school’s Director Emeritus, Pat DiGirolamo.

In addition to their Montessori training, the rich and varied interests of the TMS faculty and staff offer the students examples of the many possibilities that are available for their own exploration: cultures to discover, stories to write, experiments to design, stone to sculpt, and problems to solve.

TMS is proud to offer a positive and welcoming environment to its faculty and staff as well as its students. If you are interested in learning more about a faculty or staff position at TMS, please contact us.

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