An Engaged Education

Ken Robinson’s latest addition to his growing list of TED Talks is another witty, thoughtful take on the current state of education. His focus is on the disturbing trend toward disengagement as children progress in school. As a matter of background, take a look at this recent Gallup Poll which revealed the all-too-common slide toward disengagement as students progress through the grades. In the words of the editors at Gallup, “If we were doing right by our students and our future, these numbers would be the absolute opposite. For each year a student progresses in school, they should be more engaged, not less.”

In his talk, Robinson takes a look at what is at stake. He describes “three principles on which human life flourishes, [principles] contradicted by the culture of education under which most teachers have to labor and most students have to endure.”

The principles are (1) “human beings are naturally different and diverse;” (2) curiosity is the prime mover of a thriving human life; and (3) “human life is inherently creative.” Among the methods Robinson and others have observed in schools putting these principles into practice is an emphasis on individualized teaching and learning.

A visit to the TMS classrooms gives parents the chance to see individualization at work. The children, from the toddlers to the elementary-aged students, are observed and guided by teachers who are trained to support and challenge them. We encourage you to visit when your schedule permits.

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