Director’s Note: December 2012

December is here!
This month we are looking forward to so much: discovering world holidays, learning new dances and songs, and of course, preparing for the International Feast!

With all this preparation and excitement during the month of December, the staff takes great care to preserve the students’ sense of “regular days,” too. The build-up to the holiday season never eclipses the importance of the children’s work. Their work is the gift they give themselves each day.
What a tremendous privilege, seeing them so invested in learning, so proud as their concentration deepens, their interests widen, and their confidence grows. In the spirit of gratitude that marks the season, thank you TMS parents, for all you do to inspire your children and those who work with them.
As the bustle of the holidays grows, keep in mind an essential Montessori tenet: the beauty and quality of the environment is more important than the quantity of items in it. This post from the blog My Montessori Journey, is a fantastic guide for parents seeking high-quality toys and activities that inspire children to use their imaginations and creativity, the best possible way to keep gifts in use for years instead of months or weeks.
Wishing all of you a wonderful December!


— Ms. Amanda