Elementary Summer Reading & Math Ideas

The goal this Summer is to READ, READ, READ!!!
Pleasure reading over the summer can play a significant role in your child’s academic success in the fall.  I know it can be hard as the summer is busy!  Try to…
1. Have a family silent reading time or give them time to read before turning off the lights for bed.
2. Regularly read aloud to your child, or you read a chapter and then have them read a chapter.
3. Take them to the library or bookstores.  Sign up for their book club.
5. Subscribe to magazines in your child’s name.
6. Keep a book with you for those odd 10 minutes here or there while transitioning from one activity to the next.
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I have sent home lots of ideas for books to read over the summer. We made reading logs so the kids can track what books they are reading.  I would rather have it be accurate than full, we talked as a class about quality over quantity.  If possible also include the number of pages, the girls were excited to see how many pages we would read over the summer.
At the end of each month (June, July, August) have your child send me one of the postcards telling me about their favorite book that month.
Reading logs need to be returned in September. 
Math Facts- Please practice math facts with your child over the summer.  Our goal is 3 times a week for 10-15 minutes.  The calendars are for you to mark on what days math facts are practiced.  Grab some stickers or just write on it.  I laminated them because I felt like they were going to get lost otherwise.  Put it up on your fridge or above your child’s desk.  Switch up how you practice to try to keep it interesting!
1. Oral practice.  Just shout it out.
2. Flashcards.
3. Print out sheets from sites like math-drills.com.  Work on the same one over and over and time their progress.  Can I complete it even faster?
4. Pick up a workbook.
5. Sign up for an on-line program.
Calendars need to be returned in September.
They also have a packet of Chinese worksheets to complete over the summer and return in the Fall.
Have a great Summer!  I am so excited to hear all about it in the Fall.

P.S.  I have the packets for those of you who were not at school at the end of the year.  Please let me know when you can swing by school and pick them up! 

tmsElementary Summer Reading & Math Ideas