"Inch by inch, row by row"

We are just a few weeks away from the official start of spring (current weather conditions notwithstanding), and classroom conversations are turning to the many things we can grow — in paper cups, pots — in gardens large and small.

Gardening is a simple, beautiful way that children can experience change. The garden slows us all down; we notice the weather, the light, the heat, the smells, and the sounds of the moment. The next day, or perhaps even in the next minute, everything is a bit different, and that is just as it should be.

Consider a simple garden with your child this year.

Perhaps a small raised bed garden is the ideal growing space for your family; a simple 4’x4′ box can hold a surprising number of plants.

Miniature gardens are another option that parents and children can create together. The creative possibilities are endless and the plants, flowers, herbs, and vegetables thrive alongside small houses, gnomes, little stones, and the occasional tiny wheelbarrow.

Whatever form it may take, a garden inspires flexibility, patience, and observation.

Contributed by Shelby Driskill

tms"Inch by inch, row by row"