The Elementary Program


As children approach the age of six, their urge to discover more about the world is paired with an increasing intellectual independence. If nurtured and focused, this deepening of thought and understanding yields creativity, critical thinking, and an ability to construct knowledge through research and experimentation.

In the classroom, teachers recognize the vital balance between the increasing social priorities of the students, and the equally important impulse to concentrate on meaningful work for more sustained periods. Group work and time for individual concentration are available on a daily basis, and allow the children to benefit from both inclinations.

Each week students meet individually with a teacher to develop their own work plans. A work plan is an outgrowth of the child’s interests as well as a framework informed by the teacher’s experience and consideration of skills that correspond to traditional grade-levels.

Throughout the day, students explore science, language, mathematics, geography, history, and literature in an environment designed to support and inspire that exploration.

In addition to their Montessori work cycles, elementary students participate in a number of enrichment activities. More information can be found here.

tmsThe Elementary Program