Elementary Enrichment


Each week, our art teacher brings her talent, experience, and enthusiasm to the TMS Elementary Classroom, delighting the children as she guides them through art history, the lives of individual artists, and the joy of making art.


Junior Great Books at TMS offers exposure to a broad range of short-form literature featuring varied diction and rich opportunities for discussion. The program develops children’s listening skills, critical thinking, and provides opportunities for evidence-based argument and persuasion. Each Wednesday, Upper-Elementary students explore a short-story, poems, or an excerpt from a longer work, exploring vocabulary, literary techniques, interpretive writing, and participating in Shared Inquiry discussion. At the heart of Shared Inquiry are principles designed to serve children in all areas of learning:

  • respect for answers of other students, listening and responding thoughtfully even in disagreement
  • the importance of providing clear text-based evidence for answers
  • focusing discussion on the selected story, poem, or essay
  • developing and extending their own thoughts in response to open-ended interpretive questions

The Upper Elementary Expository Writing Intensive uses the literature of Junior Great Books and other resources as the foundation for the study of rhetorical modes. Each Friday, the students explore essay construction including the development of a claim, the marshaling of reasons and evidence, the acknowledgement of other points of view, and the development of an argument as new information is integrated into their thinking and writing process.


TMS is committed to early exposure to world languages. Currently we offer Spanish to our elementary students. The class is taught with a hands-on approach integrating movement, pictures, songs, and matching cards. The teachers instruct the students predominantly the language being studied and use English only when necessary. Each specialist uses a combination of reference and pedagogical materials to design a curriculum unique to TMS.

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