Primary Enrichment


In addition to regular artwork and art exposure in their classrooms, TMS offers students opportunities for additional work and study in the Art Studio and weekly Art Immersion classes. For our students under the age of five, TMS offers regular access to the Art Studio. With Montessori principles in mind it is designed to give children the same freedom of choice in their open-ended, free flowing art as they have in their regular classrooms. The purpose is to provide an environment and materials to foster the innate creativity within each child. For students five and older, each week, artist Pam Connolly brings her talent, experience, and enthusiasm to TMS, delighting the children as she guides them through art history, the lives of individual artists, and the joy of making art.


Evan Harding is a 5-year player with the Richmond Kickers professional team and is entering his 3rd year as the Soccer Shots director in Richmond. Evan has been involved in youth coaching for 8 years, working with preschool through high school-aged students. He is passionate about using soccer to develop and work with children of all ages.


TMS is committed to early exposure to world languages. Currently we provide Spanish instruction to our primary students. The classes are taught with a hands-on approach integrating movement, pictures, songs, and matching cards. The teacher, Sara Cornett, instructs the students predominantly in Spanish and uses English only when necessary. She uses a combination of reference and pedagogical materials to design a developmentally appropriate curriculum unique to TMS.

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