Curiosity Calendars

We’re so pleased to share these monthly activity calendars created by RIF (Reading is FUNdamental). Each month’s calendar is filled with simple yet inspiring ideas for sparking curiosity and sharing learning with children. Some entries are connected to the significance of the day, others are pleasantly random. From the September calendar: Monday, September 2nd (Labor Day): Read books about different …

tmsCuriosity Calendars

Montessori Elevator Pitch

This year, Montessori Madmen, a self-described “ragtag group of dads and advocates from around the world,” ran a contest that challenged Montessori professionals to answer “What is Montessori?” or “Why Montessori?” in sixty seconds. A minute to capture the essence of the Montessori Method, to convey it to someone who had never heard of it… Needless to say, the results are …

tmsMontessori Elevator Pitch

Because The Learning Never Stops

Republished from the TMS Newsletter, March 2013 To coincide with the annual AMS (American Montessori Conference), our recent Staff Training Day was spent watching and discussing a lecture presented by neuropsychologist Steven Hughes. From Steven Hughes’ website,  a description of his presentation “Good At Doing Things”: In this highly visual, rapid-paced and entertaining talk, Dr. Hughes describes how Maria Montessori’s …

tmsBecause The Learning Never Stops

Reading Beyond "Reading Aloud"

From the TMS Library: That sound you hear? It’s the clicking of thousands of keyboard keys as bloggers and other writers react to Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic’s recent post on the New York Times website, “I’m Tired of Reading Out Loud to My Son, O.K.?”   Her conversational essay, light and breezy as chiffon, is nonetheless bound to generate a flurry …

tmsReading Beyond "Reading Aloud"

Why "Paths of Joy"?

“It is the child’s way of learning. This is the path he follows. He learns everything without knowing he is learning it, and in doing so passes little from the unconscious to the conscious, treading always in the paths of joy and love.” — Maria Montessori  

tmsWhy "Paths of Joy"?

Montessori Classroom Shoe Ideas

Like many schools, TMS has discovered the benefits of classroom shoes. Not only does it keep the classroom cleaner, but for younger students the act of putting shoes on and taking them off again, or helping others with their shoes, helps to reinforce independence and the “care of self” that is so important. Several shoe suggestions are mentioned in the …

tmsMontessori Classroom Shoe Ideas

"Lifelong Learning": Moving from Inspiring Notion to Inspired Practice

While learning, in the strictest sense, never stops, “engaged learning” often can, particularly during the years from late elementary school through high school. Gallup research involving 500,000 school-age children revealed a precipitous decline in engagement as the years went by, resulting in a “School Cliff.” Now that the School Cliff is so clear, the task is to address and reverse …

tms"Lifelong Learning": Moving from Inspiring Notion to Inspired Practice

An Engaged Education

Ken Robinson’s latest addition to his growing list of TED Talks is another witty, thoughtful take on the current state of education. His focus is on the disturbing trend toward disengagement as children progress in school. As a matter of background, take a look at this recent Gallup Poll which revealed the all-too-common slide toward disengagement as students progress through …

tmsAn Engaged Education

Elementary Summer Reading & Math Ideas

The goal this Summer is to READ, READ, READ!!! Pleasure reading over the summer can play a significant role in your child’s academic success in the fall.  I know it can be hard as the summer is busy!  Try to… 1. Have a family silent reading time or give them time to read before turning off the lights for bed. …

tmsElementary Summer Reading & Math Ideas