Director's Note: March 2013

March is the month when the word “look!” becomes a welcome refrain. As small signs of the transition to spring begin to emerge — the initial buds on trees, the splash of bright color amid the brown as crocuses and forsythia bushes begin to brighten the outdoors — children remind us to slow down and notice these changes. Each day in March, we experience …

tmsDirector's Note: March 2013

Director’s Note: December 2012

December is here! This month we are looking forward to so much: discovering world holidays, learning new dances and songs, and of course, preparing for the International Feast! With all this preparation and excitement during the month of December, the staff takes great care to preserve the students’ sense of “regular days,” too. The build-up to the holiday season never eclipses …

tmsDirector’s Note: December 2012

November Reading Recommendations: Toddler & Primary Readers

There are many great titles to choose from in this month’s Scholastic flyer, but one particular collection stands out! While the weather continues to be that certain kind of unpredictable that can best be described as “mid-Atlanticish,” the trajectory is aiming for colder temperatures, and, if the predictions are correct, loads of snow. In anticipation of snowy weather that may …

tmsNovember Reading Recommendations: Toddler & Primary Readers

November Reading Recommendations: Elementary Readers

The Scholastic Holiday Catalog you all received today is designed for all levels and interests, and as a result, it can take a little digging to find those books that are well-suited to readers over the age of five and under the age of ten: complexity without an overabundance of raw emotion, dynamism without the frantic “quick cuts” that sometime …

tmsNovember Reading Recommendations: Elementary Readers

TMS Parent Information Videos: The Path to Math

TMS The Snake Game from Tuckahoe Montessori on Vimeo. TMS Exchange Game from Tuckahoe Montessori on Vimeo. TMS Dynamic Addition from Tuckahoe Montessori on Vimeo.

tmsTMS Parent Information Videos: The Path to Math

Director's Note: November 2012

Happy Fall! It is truly my favorite time of the year! The smells, sounds and sights of Autumn are even more memorable when experienced alongside a child. Once the storm has passed, this is the time of year to take nature walks around the neighborhood (now free of mosquitos and humidity!) and to encourage children to use their observation skills and memory. What did …

tmsDirector's Note: November 2012

Director's Note: October 2012

We have had an exciting start to the new school year.  The classrooms are busy with activity.  The students are maturing into independent workers with so much curiosity.   They are absorbing information at an accelerated rate and it is our job, as their educators, to provide a supportive, nurturing environment in which this learning can continue.   Our first Parent-Teacher meeting is coming up …

tmsDirector's Note: October 2012

The Montessori Google Doodle

Anyone searching through Google’s main page yesterday would have seen the lovely acknowledgement of the 142nd anniversary of Maria Montessori’s birth in the form of the Google Doodle. Google founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, were both educated in Montessori schools (Brin attended a Montessori elementary program) and they have both been vocal in their praise of Montessori education and …

tmsThe Montessori Google Doodle